The Intel Fortan (ifort) and C/C++ (icc, icpc) compilers are the default compilers on the HPC cluster Avitohol and are provided automatically at login (see the output of module list for details on the version). To compile and link MPI codes using Intel compilers, use the commands mpiifort, mpiicc or mpiicpc, respectively.

The GNU compiler collection (gcc, g++, gfortran) is available as well. A default version comes with the operating system. Version 4.4.7 is installed on Avitohol system. More recent versions can be accessed via environment modules. To compile and link MPI codes using GNU compilers, use the commands mpicc, mpic++/mpicxx, mpif77 or mpif90, respectively. The compilation for the Xeon Phi is usually done at the host, i.e., using cross-compilation. To load the development environment for the Xeon Phi one can issue source /opt/mpss/3.6/environment-setup-k1om-mpss-linux Then the version of the compiler and other development tools can be accessed with something like:




GNU Compilers Intel Compilers
version 4.4.7 17.0.2
license GNU GPL v3
website GNU Compilers Intel Compilers
help manual, C++ standarts support in gcc Building a Native Application for  Xeon Phi coprocessors