Administrative data
System namePhysOn
A brief description of the systemHigh-performance computing cluster
Technical specifications
Number of servers34
Server SpecificationSuperMicro CPU-Quad, Server Supermicro
Processor specificationXeon 5335; Xeon 5420; Xeon E5-2620; Xeon E5-2650v4; Xeon E5-2699v3; Xeon Gold 6240; Tesla M2090
CPU cores on the server8; 8; 12; 24; 36; 18
Server memory16GB; 16GB; 64GB; 96GB; 128GB;
Total number of CPU cores312
Maximum number of parallel processes per processor240
Connection typeInfiniband DDR & FDR & EDR
Connection delay1.1 to 1.5 μs
Connection tape20 – 56 Gbps & 56 – 100 Gbps
Local file system typeNFS & Lustre
General data storage48TB
Type of acceleratorsnVidia Tesla M2090 & K80
Number of cores6200
Server Accelerators2
Servers equipped with accelerators1
Max. performance (Tflops, double precision)3.5
Real performance (Tflops, double precision)3.2
OSUbuntu and CentOS
Version16.06 LTE ; 7x
Task management systemSun Grid Engine & Slurm
Development ToolsIntel Vtune, Eclipse (incl. Intel XE support, PyDev, Photran), Nsight Eclipse (CUDA support), Nvidia Visual Profiler, Intel Inspector, Jupyter Notebook, Jupyter Console, PyCharm, git
Compilers and librariesКомпилатори: Intel Compilers, PGI Compilers, GNU C/C++/Fortran Compilers, OpenJDK; Интерпретатори: Python 2.7.x (Intel), Python 2.7.x (GCC), Intel Python 3, Python 3.6.x (GCC), TCL 8.5 (GCC), Perl 5.16 (GCC), Julia 1.1; Библиотеки/модули/добавки: Intel MKL, Intel DAAL, OpenMPI (Intel), OpenMPI (GCC), MPICH2 (Intel), MPICH2(GCC), HDF5 (Intel), HDF5+MPI (Intel), HDF5(GCC), NetCDF (Intel), NetCDF(GCC), PyDAAL, NumPy, SciPy, H5py, PyTables, mpi4py, pandas, matplotlib, sympy, tensorflow-gpu, MDAnalysis, OpenVINO, CUDA+cuDNN (8.x,9.x,10.x)
Application software

GROMACS, Quantum Espresso, ABINIT, CP2K, elk, WRF, Maple, Matlab, Mathematica, Siesta, Kshell, GAUSSIAN, LAMMPS, Tensorflow (with GPU support, on Intel Python 3), NAMD, CHARMM, PG-Storm,

BIOVIA Materials Studio, ADMS-Urban/EMIT, Matlab 2020, Serpent,

Network switches

Melanox Infiniband 36p –  DDR/FDR

Melanox Infiniband 36p –  EDR,



ZTE ZHR10 48p