High-performance computing system – Avitohol in the TOP500 list (388-th place, November 2015) .

Partner IICT-BAS
Administrative data
System name AVITOHOL
A brief description of the system Supercomputer
Technical specifications
Number of servers 150
Server Specification HP SL250s Gen8 PE3
Processor specification Intel Xeon E5-2650 v2 2.6GHz
CPU cores on the server 16
Server memory 64GB
Total number of CPU cores 2400
Maximum number of parallel processes per processor 4800
Connection type Infiniband FDR
Connection delay 1.1 μs
Connection tape 56 Gbps
Local file system type Lustre
General data storage 96TB
Type of accelerators Xeon Phi 7120P
Number of cores 61
Server Accelerators 2
Servers equipped with accelerators 150
Max. performance (Tflops, double precision) 410
Real performance (Tflops, double precision) 264
OS Red Hat Enterprise Linux(RHEL)
Version 6.7
Task management system Torque
Development Tools Intel Inspector, Scalasca, etc.
Compilers and libraries GCC, Intel; Intel MKL, etc.
Application software Boost, CMake, CP2K, CPMD, Dalton, FFTW, Gromacs, gsl, HDF5, MVAPICH2, NetCDF, NWChem, Octave, OpenFOAM, PETSc, Python, Quantum Espresso, R, RegCM, Score-P, SLEPc, SPRNG5, WRF, etc.